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What is THC? Do D&D CBD Squares contain THC?

THC is one of the dominant cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. THC is considered psychoactive and interacts with receptors in the brain that can produce a euphoric feeling or a “high”. D&D CBD Squares may contain permissible trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) that conform with Federal regulations, but the level is insufficient to produce a high. 

What is the difference between hemp oil, CBD, and marijuana?

Hemp oil, CBD, and marijuana all come from the Cannabis sativa plant family; however, each of the aforementioned substances is very different from each other. Hemp oil, also called hemp seed oil, is a vegetable oil obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the plant. CBD (cannabidiol) comes from brother plants of Cannabis sativa that have higher CBD content and very low THC content. Marijuana comes from sister plants of Cannabis sativa that contain higher THC content and very little CBD content. 

Is CBD psychoactive, or will it produce a euphoric state or “high”?

No. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a euphoric state or a “high”. Research demonstrates that THC is the psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa that produces a feeling of euphoria. 

How is the CBD used in D&D CBD Squares extracted?

One form is extracted with carbon dioxide (Co2) and the other form is with food-grade alcohol (similar to how herbal tinctures are created).

Is D&D's CBD natural or synthetic?

D&D uses natural CBD that is extracted from industrial hemp plants. It is not synthetic. 

Where does D&D source its CBD?

Currently, D&D sources its CBD from organically grown industrial hemp in the U.S. and Europe. 

Will CBD interact with medications?

Consult your personal health care professional to determine if CBD may interact with any prescribed medications and/or your current health condition. 

Will CBD affect your appetite?

Research suggests that only very large amounts (more than 25 times what is contained in D&D CBD Squares) of CBD will affect your appetite. 

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Are D&D CBD Squares indigestible?

No. D&D CBD Squares are intended for topical application only. D&D CBD Squares are not for internal use. 

Are D&D CBD Squares safe for use by children?

According to the Natural Medicines Database, CBD has been safely used in children during their second year of life. Consult your health care professional to determine if CBD is safe for your child. Not intended for use in children under age 2. 

Why are D&D CBD Squares a transdermal (topical) CBD product rather than an oral CBD product?

One of the well-known challenges with CBD is its poor bioavailability when ingested. A covered transdermal application helps improve absorption of CBD. It also bypasses first pass metabolism in the liver, making it a more gentle option for many ages. Lastly, transdermal absorption provides a more sustained delivery, lasting up to twenty-four hours, so you get the benefits of CBD all day long. 

How long should I wear the Entune CBD Square?

Ideally, the Entune CBD Square should be worn for twenty-four hours and then replaced. Additionally, it is recommended to periodically rotate the application site after replacement. 

Can I use more than one D&D CBD Square at a time, or can I cut the square in half?

For best results, consumers should apply one full D&D CBD Square daily. However, D&D CBD Squares can be customized to individual needs. For smaller size users, or to use the square in multiple locations at once, the D&D CBD Squares can be cut in half. Two or more D&D CBD Squares can be applied to the same person simultaneously if needed.

Can I wear a D&D CBD Square while showering?

Yes, D&D CBD Squares are designed to adhere to the skin while showering. 

What is the shelf-life of D&D CBD Squares?

For maximum benefits, D&D squares should be used within two years of their manufacture date. 

Does the D&D CBD Square only contain CBD oil?

No. D&D CBD Squares contain a unique combination of botanicals and extracts to maximize their benefits for soothing the body and helping to promote a general sense of well-being. 

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